What I Wore Wednesday

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I’ve been a bit busy, so have missed a couple of weeks posting.  For this post, I’ve chronicled what I wore to coach in my studio last week. The weather was all over the place, so it wasn’t easy. But I think I achieved four casual yet pulled together looks, which is what I always strive for.  You’ll notice repeats too! {I need to work on my lighting and photographing skills…sigh}

What I wore, casual chic, white jeans, denim, how to wear scarves, tee shirts

1.  Chico’s white tee, navy chiffon scarf, Rafaella navy with white dot blazer, Nine West jean, Cynthia Rowley loafer.

2.  Denim shirt, Roz & Ali blue cropped pants, Tahari nude wedges.

3.  Grey  shirt {I can’t remember where I got this.}, my Roz & Ali crops {again!} and Tahari ballet flats.

4.  Blue Apt. 9 {Kohl’s} tee, White Loft jeans,  Yellow silk scarf, Cynthia Rowley loafer {again!}.

Makeup I Can’t Live Without!

I have a lot of make-up products in my professional kit. But when it comes to my personal use, I truly can’t live without the products here. Each one works so well and I can’t imagine a day without any of them.

Perhaps one of the most miraculous products? Bye Bye Redness. If you have acne bumps, rosacea or broken capillaries, this will cover it. Some days I’ll even go without foundation, as this covers so well. You only need a dot!

The other item I must call out and that my girls and I fight over, is my MAC 224 blending brush. It is perfect in so many ways. I use it to dust powder or well-rested under my eyes, blend out harsh eyeshadow lines and add a bit of shimmer under my brows. It is spectacular!

Mally’s Poreless Face Defender is a primer that shrinks pores, makes foundation glide on and makes your skin look flawless. And what’s really cool, is that during the day, if your skin starts looking uneven {which it shouldn’t if you’re using Double Wear foundation!} you can smooth it OVER your foundation and poof! Perfect skin!

What’s in your bag? Anything you can’t live without? I want to hear from you!

I can't live without...


What I wore Wednesday: In the studio

I’ve been asked several times by readers if I actually make my wardrobe work. Do I wear one piece several ways? Absolutely! Check out last week’s work wardrobe below.

Please know that I have the luxury of dressing fairly casual. I work out of my studio teaching outstanding young women communications, interviewing, poise and confidence. Currently, I’m in pageant and cheerleader mode. I coach seniors how to interview well for their university cheerleading tryout interview. And I help pageant contestants ready themselves for the pageant interview, on-stage questions and how to walk well in heels. Basically, I teach skills that can be used anywhere, anytime! I love my job!

Wardrobe, White Jeans, Gingham, v-neck sweater, flats

Day 1: My Loft white boyfriend jeans with a loose-fitting navy H&M sweater, Alex Marie flats and one of my favorite necklaces from Charming Charlie!

Day 2: A green silk Chico’s blouse, vest I’ve had forever so I don’t know the brand, sorry!, skinny jeans from BeYourself, and same flats. Interestingly, the long necklace is Premier jewelry, but the exact matching short necklace is Charming Charlie.

Day 3: Loft skinny ankle jeans (they look like day 1, but these are skinnier), a blue gingham shirt. I’m a little embarrassed to say where I purchase this. But on a recent trip to Sam’s Club, there it was. I had to have it. Don’t judge! Navy v-neck J.Crew sweater and same flats. I “borrowed” the navy and gold Coach bracelet from my daughter, Madison. I just love it.

Day 4: Sorry for such dark photo. These are wider legged dark jeans paired with a navy Ralph Lauren sweater and Life Stride cheetah flats.

So only my flats are repeats this week. But you will see me wear these pieces week after week. Promise. Hopefully, I’ll mix them up!

Let me know what you think!

Is Image Everything?

Happy Friday!

I’ve been posting a lot on fashion lately. I’m passionate about those of you who are  over 40 having great options found in your closets! And even if you aren’t over 40, you can “shop your closet” too!

But something’s been working on me for awhile as focus on image. That “something” is no doubt God. And I’m asking, is image everything?Oscar Wilde, Be yourself, authenticity

On the face of it, no! Of course not. But pick up any business magazine, listen to hiring managers, turn on your television or read a woman’s magazine and you’ll be told yes, image is everything!

I’d like to clarify what should be a harmless attempt to look up-to-date and well-dressed for your lifestyle, versus dressing to mask who you really are.

Image is defined as a representation of something. So when you think about what face you want to show publicly, is it a representation of someone you hope to be, or is it your authentic self? I think this is where we can get into trouble.

Harley Davidson, Image, FashionIf you go to work in a place where the culture is dressing in suits, then putting on a suit and becoming a part of that culture is not wrong. Similarly, I have friends who, in their midlife stage, think riding a Harley is cool and they don their leather…even a do-rag. I think it’s a little silly, but they tell me when riding, leather is a barrier to the wind and cold and the do-rag keeps hair out of their face and they don’t have to worry about their hair when they remove their helmets. {thank God they are wearing helmets!}

So what’s the point?

The point, is that in the examples above, dressing the part is practical and cultural. But if donning a look is one thing that helps you become something you’re not, it’s wrong. If you’re covering up your insecurities with an image…a representation of something or someone else…it becomes exhausting and it’s not how God wants us to live.

I’m going to pray and research what the Bible has to say to say about image and I’ll get back to you! As women, we have to be careful. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and feed our mind with negative self talk. Just say NO!

Today, get dressed in something fabulous – something that is totally YOU. The real you. And think about being created in the image of God. That is, looking at your character. And good character? That’s a gorgeous image!

P.S.: I’m thinking if the motorcycle jacket came in pink, it might be right up my authentic alley! Ha!

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