About Robin

Robin Jones Gifford, About, EntrepreneurHi there!

I’d love for you to join me behind the scenes as I plan a wedding, run a business, and keep the faith through it all.


As we embark on wedding planning, I’m finding a lot of pretty, affiliated sites that are great for ideas. But I want to know the struggle. I want to know what to be ready for. And I want to know the not-so-pretty-stuff so I can help my daughter avoid it. And in turn, I’ll help you!


I started my coaching business nearly 10 years ago. It isn’t what I started; but it is everything I could ever dream of. I teach communication, interviewing, poise, confidence and grace under pressure to pageant contestants, collegiate cheerleaders and models. I do speak corporately, but my main gig is with young women under the age of 21.

I want to take you into my world and help you see that you can start a business doing anything God has gifted you with!


I can’t really do anything without God. So you’ll see a sprinkling of faith in everything you read. I hope to encourage you in your everyday walk with God.

I’m so glad you’re here.