Robin Jones Gifford, Business consultantHi there!

May I ask you a questions? Is God calling you? 


I started my coaching business, Springboard for Success, 10 years ago. It isn’t what I started; but it is everything I could ever dream of. I teach communication, interviewing, poise, confidence and grace under pressure to pageant contestants, collegiate cheerleaders and models.

I’m Robin Gifford and my passion is helping women achieve success by following God’s calling for their life.  My experience as an international etiquette coach-turned-magazine-editor combined with an Ivy League education and ten years of non-profit management makes me the perfect coach when I transfer all that I know and have experienced to you!

I want to help YOU put God’s calling into action. It’s time to lose the fear and communicate confidently who you are, what you can and want to do and take that leap to start your own business.

Whether you’re a hobbyist wondering how to monetize your craft, a 40+ woman looking to use her experiences to earn a little cash, or you’re clear on what God wants you to do and you’re ready to step into your calling and do it, I can help.


I can’t really do anything without God. So you’ll see a sprinkling of faith in everything you read. I hope to encourage you in your everyday walk with God; but also, to listen to His calling for your life and step out in faithful obedience.

I’m so glad you’re here.